Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mywapblog memastikan tidak akan pernah tutup/bangkrut atau shut down.

( Situs penyedia layanan blog mobile yang populer di Indonesia (mywapblog) memastikal bahwa mywapblog tidaka akan pernah tutup atau shutdown karena bangkrut. Sebelumnya dedi-smk pernah membuat blog di mywapblog dengan alamat Namun dedi-smk lebih menyukai untuk pindah dan bergabung dengan blogger karena mywapblog tidak suport java script. Pesan yang menyatakan bahwa mywapblog tidak akan pernah tutup dedi-smk dapatkan langsung dari pendiri mywapblog (arvind gupta). Berikut adalah isi pesan tersebut:

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Hi Dedi,

I'm answering your point-wise:

1. will NEVER be closed or shut down.

2. You can use "Manage | Ads > Desktop Ad Setting" to put JavaScript ads.

3. You can directly edit the CSS and save it, that way we will host your CSS.

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Arvind Gupta,
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Website: Arvind Gupta

On 11/30/2012 2:49 PM, Dedi Styawan wrote:
 Hello mywapblog, I have 3 questions:

1. I really manage my blog, which I am afraid of is if suddenly mywapblog the lid then what about the fate of my blog? please assure me that mywapblog will never be closed, because I am currently thought to moving to

2. I strongly plead with the utmost so that the navigation menu also suport java script, it is in order to make it easier for us to decorate or put ads on our blog.

3. I ask that there is a feature to make css online, we also want our blog to appear nice and different from others such as

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Dari pesan yang dikirim oleh mywapblog diatas secara tegas memastikan bahwa mywapblog tidak akan pernah tutup atau shut down.

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