Saturday, April 13, 2013

5 ways to improve pagerank, alexarank, and visitors

On this occasion I will share tips on how to increase pagerank, alexa and streamline your visitors on your blog. Everything I've made one shutdown to facilitate in practice. Before entering on the core theme of the discussion, before I explain first what is the pagerank, pagerank is the level (rank) of a page on the internet is important or not that page in google's eyes (the higher your pagerank the better). While visitors are people who visit your blog. Alexa rank is the rank given by alexa on your blog.

Which is more important visitors, pagerank or alexa rank?
All three are important but I think which is much more important is the satisfaction of visitors visiting your blog. Useless if have many visitors but it turned out they were not satisfied and thus mocking your blog? For it to have a pagerank for collecting Diners and have a sleek alexa rank for satisfaction of visitors. In this article I will discuss about the 5 ways to improve pagerank, alexa rank and visitors a blog. What are these ways? The following are 5 ways are:

1. Never copas (copy paste) from someone else's blog
Never copas blog from another person, remember the proverb "a drop of Indigo owing to damage the milk drop of Indigo pot". Meaning with a very small mistake can destroy the good that very much. Not only man even google also hate blog copas, besides the money generated from a blog with money stolen copas? How could the money earned by the stolen article can not stolen? Let's get together started managing blogs with healthy and the hard work of its own.

2. Make a long article
Try creating the article was long and exhaustive. Do not create an article only contains a few sentences only, this is the same article you publish quality and not damage the serp in google. The long article that will make an impression of your blog is more professional looking and of course generate satisfaction for visitors because of the information they obtain more complete. Tips try to create an article with a length of at least 300 words to get maximum results.

3. Do not use a heavy templates
It is also very important, try using light only or templates in the Internet can be said to be using the SEO friendly templates. Templates are heavy and full of features is very beautiful to the point of, but actually a template like that is just your blog visitors he would become blurred. Logically visitors would prefer visiting the blog loading speed of your blog should visit the loading time.

4. Do not install the script Auto-Tune sued
This is the hate by the average visitor. Maybe you put the song on the blog so that visitors more entertained and linger at your blog but in fact quite the opposite. The fact that people already have the device to play their own songs without having to visit your blog. People visiting your blog to get information they need instead to listen to songs that are not necessarily they like.

5. For new bloggers blogwalking first
Specifically for the beginner blogger blogwalking became one of the powerful weapons to bring the visitor, indeed our visiting blogwalking impressed our own blog but here's what you can do. For the new blog, concerned used to be when it's old and has many visitors no longer need to bother blogwalking.

So hopefully this article bring benefits to you who read it especially for me.

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