Wednesday, April 24, 2013

how to create a textarea in html

Copy and paste box or textarea we normally use to make the text in the column is reserved to allow the visitors to quote and copy word we put in that column. Textarea is usually used to put the script code, html code or other words that are commonly used. To be able to make real easy texarea you only need to use the following html code:
<FORM>< textarea rows ="10"cols ="50">Write your text here</textarea></FORM>
There are three things that you should look in the html code above, the first is the number 10. Figure 10 shows the width of the textarea that you will create, replace it according to your needs. The second is number 50, number 50 indicates the height of the textarea that you will create. Third is the text "your text here" replace it with text that you want to write in textarea. For example I wrote a textarea with html code below:
<FORM><textarea rows="10" cols="3"> I like you like you like I</textarea></FORM>
Then the result will be as bellow

To install the textarea in the posting blogger, the first entry on the page for a post then click html and put the code there. Again click on compose to see the results.

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