Saturday, April 20, 2013

difference between http and https

Http and Https are both often we encounter while using the internet, it might be a bit foreign to https you because of its appearance which not long ago. What exactly is meant by http and htps? What is the difference of http and https? To answer this question we discuss below:

Http stands for the Hypert Text Transfer Protocol is a communication system that connects the server to the client. Http is the standard format used to access a web page on the internet.

Https stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protcol Secure which is a more secure version of http. All communication is done using https encryption that will be safer in the event of a transaction data on the internet.

The difference http and https
The striking difference from http and https is in terms of its security, https is typically used for sites that require a high level of security like, google accounts,,, and other websites which aim to secure users ' personal information. Thus it can be concluded that https is more secure than http, though also not compulsory for us to use https because if we only have a site that does not use internet communications then we don't need to use https. Https is used by sites that usually have a feature to log in, if you want to log in to a site to consider whether the site using https or not. All this may be useful.

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