Saturday, April 6, 2013

list of site translator English - Indonesian and vice versa with good

Good night all happy it was on the occasion of the night I can still update this blog again. Having previously occupied with the OJT (on the job training) this time I will write an article with the theme of a collection of sites that you can use to translate a foreign language (English or other) into your own language online and easy. The difference with the existing dictionary in your phone is if we use sites which we will share this time then you can translate several words at once could even reach 300 words more. Of the company eventually wrote follow the steps below:

List of sites that you can use to translate online and easily:

Bing traslator be my number one choice because the translation is more organized and good at reading. I've compared the google translate and bing and i like the results bing translator. The reason i like bing is due to the result of the translation is better and more perfect.

Google I put in the second position after bing, bing although I prefer but I also have to be honest that google translate much easier to use. Sometimes when using bing connection is often slow, but otherwise when using google translate very fast response and did not waste my time with useless. Maybe there's no perfect human creation, but according to google translate I've been trying to be perfect.

I put underneath the bing and google for it in terms of quality lost them both, though the site also can you use when you have trouble accessing google translate and bing translate. Weakness of translation in this site is that you can only use a 200 word (maximum) to be translated online. Unlike the ranslate google and bing translate to translate many words, even they are able to translate the address of the site though.

Thus article tonight, I think 3 sites above translate is enough. Actually there are many websites that you can use to translate online as,, and so forth. All choice is yours, of course, choose one that suits your needs and which one you think is best.

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