Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to download 4shared without waiting and log in

4shared, who never visited the site of the free file storage?. Consistently provides free service ended up now provide a service 4shared started annoying, the first user who wants to download files on 4shared are required to have an account and log in. Both users still had to wait about 20 seconds to download the file. Not only there download speed is also limited by 4shared, if you want full speed you must become a premium member and of course you have to spend money.

This time in this short article I will share tips on how to download on 4shared without thirst waiting for, log in and so on. If we can use free why should we use a paid. The saturation moment began when waiting for loading 4shared I end up browsing the internet and found a way to overcome the 4shared oblige us to wait. The following are tips on how to download on 4shared without having to log in and wait.

The first step specify the file you want to download in 4 shared, note the url of the file you want to download the copy. For example the url of the fila I want to download is, copy the url.

Then go to this link and paste the url into the box provided as shown below.

After the url in the paste and then click generate link and the download will start automatically in soon.

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