Monday, April 22, 2013

how to create table without coding (blogger)

Good morning all, on this sunny morning this time we will discuss how to create a table without having to use html code and think about other very complicated code. To be able to produce the table without having to use html code we will use microsoft office word, this software will help us to create a table without html code. How do I take a simaka below:

The first step open microsoft office word
Then click insert and select the table
The table image you want
After you finish drawing the table please press ctrl + a on the keyboard
After that press ctrl + c on your keyboard
Then go to blogger and make postings, on the content of the posting please press ctrl + V and the table will be reflected there.

How easy is not the way to make the table without having to use html codes and easily can we make? If you still feel confusion can comment below. I beg pardon for possible quality and this article isn't too short, this is due to the time and the bustle and laziness in myself. The end of the Word may bring benefit for those of you who read it.

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